Employee Training Overview

Employers are required, by law, to train all their employees, including supervisors and managers, how to perform their job properly – and therefore safely! Training is one of the most important elements of any safety program. Proper training is key to communicating or reinforcing your company’s safety policies, procedures and practices. Armstrong and Associates can assist you in coordinating employee training and providing tailgate safety meetings. Contact your agent for more information.

Most risk specific training must be done once before the employee is exposed to the risk factor and then again when circumstances change, such as when new procedures or equipment are introduced, different chemicals are used, or when accidents or near misses occur. Some training is required annually or biannually. Refresher training in the basics of safety such as proper lifting or use and care of personal protective equipment is beneficial as a reminder to employees to continue proper procedures.

Documenting your training is half the battle – training records can help you plan for refresher training and insure that the appropriate training is provided to all those employees who require the training. Finally, training records are absolutely critical if your company receives a Cal/OSHA inspection.

A variety of training materials including Tailgate Safety Meeting Handouts, Videos and posters are helpful tools to emphasize and reinforce the messages provided during training.

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